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"Home Leadership" is a beautiful textbook written by Wildwood Health Institute founder W.D. Frazee, and reprinted by Eden Valley Institute. It is composed mainly from Elder Frazee’s medical missionary class series entitled “Home Heading.” Home Heading is the practice of families who take students, new faculty, and/or those who are in need into their homes and teach them the divine blueprint on how to lead a successful home after Heaven’s order. The book contains several Biblical examples and principles regarding Home Heading including Abraham, Enoch, and Elisha, as well as the Reformers, the home of Ellen G. White, and other pioneers of the faith. "Home Leadership" takes you step by step regarding the founding principles of country outpost centers, schools, the sanitarium work, and how all of our main-line and/or self-supporting institutions have their success or failure rooted in the foundation of a true Adventist home. It is our prayer that this powerful book will inspire both families and institutions to revive and reform by implementing this Heaven-sent practice.

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