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Neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own – Acts 4:32

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Giving To LMM 

We need and appreciate your help in spreading the present truth for this time. All donations are used for the express purpose of furthering the gospel. Thank you and bless you in advance for working with us to prepare a people to stand, and to finish the gospel work worldwide. We have several media related evangelistic projects the Lord has impressed on our hearts to implement by His grace for 2020 and beyond for which we require funds. The gifts you share with us will be used to provide assistance for personal ministry, literature evangelism, work in foreign fields, various benevolent pledges for the poor and destitute, ministerial schools, and medical missionary work, as well as acquiring necessary equipment and media facilities to aid in spreading God’s last solemn message.

How to Give

Traditional Giving

If you would like to share by check, cashier’s check, or money order, please mail your gift to:

PO Box 774
Frankewing, TN 38459

One-Time Gift

Your one-time gift is appreciated as we look to help with the advancement of the work. Every dollar is carefully allocated to where it is needed most.

How Can You Help?

Your gift of love will assist us with our Kenya and
Ethiopia Mission Projects.

Donate to LMM

Click the Button to Donate via Paypal or Major Credit Card